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Bharat EdTech

Funding Partner -  Center Square Foundation
Technical Partner - Development Solutions

This is a large-scale study which aims to understand the use of technology for education among children of grades 1st to 12th residing in low income households...

Teaching Innovation

Funding Partner - Columbia University
Principal Researchers - Saloni Gupta,  Ph.D. Candidate Economics and Education, Columbia University

The project is a study with Telangana Social Welfare and Tribal Welfare Departments in India on how skills like innovation and collaboration can be developed and measured in disadvantaged youth...

Anatomy of Filing Non-Compliance in Vat Systems

Funding Partner - Institute of Development Studies (IDS)
Principal Researchers - Bhanu Gupta at Ashoka University, Tejaswi Velayudhan at University of California Irvine

This project seeks to understand why taxpayers in a developing country context fail to visibly comply with tax regulations. The goal of the project is to understand the primary drivers of filing non-compliance in the context of a value added tax in New Delhi, India.

DVARA digital payments project/ Understanding constrained users’ experience of UPI-based digital payment apps

Funding Partner - Centre for Social and Behaviour Chance (CSBC) at Ashoka University
Principal Researchers - Sanna Linnea Balsari Palsule, CSBC Ashoka University

The project seeks to understand and provide industry-wide recommendations and enhancements for product-design features that ensure constrained users such as migrant worker, gig workers and women are able to access and use digital payment apps easily, confidently and safely.

Financial inclusion measurement project

Funding Partner - DVARA Research Foundation
Principal Researchers

There is little data regarding what has been accomplished in terms of understanding which families and individuals are financially included or what the impact of such inclusion is on them, despite strong legislative support for financial inclusion... 

Study to understand a Child’s various social concepts and its impact on Children

Funding Partner - NORC at University of Chicago (Prime grant from Sesame Workshop)
Principal Researchers - Jennifer Benz, Emily Alvarez, Alicia Menendez from NORC

This is an extension of a major study that Sesame Workshop did with NORC at University of Chicago to understand how parents and educators perceive children’s social identity...

Mental Health among Adolescents and their Parents in Nepal

Funding Partner - The World Bank
Principal Researchers - Dr Nishith Prakash, Associate Professor (University of Connecticut), Dr Shwetlena Sabarwal, The World Bank, Dr Priya Mukherjee, University of Wisconsin-Madison

The Disability Rights Act, adopted by Nepal in 2017, endeavors to ensure equal access to education. Mental health of adolescents and their parents is an area which has received limited attention in Nepal – among adolescents aged 10-16 in Nepal, 11.2%-13.2% have mental health disorders (Jha et. al. 2017), and for the country as a whole...

Can Guilt Change Police Attitude towards Gender-Based Violence?

Funding Partner - University of Connecticut
Principal Researchers - Dr Nishith Prakash, University of Connecticut, Dr Sofia Amaral, Ifo Institute

The project aims to implement a field experiment with 500 police officers in India using confrontation of mis-handled gender-based violence (GBV) cases as an intervention to evoke guilt...

Mental Load of Domestic/Care Responsibilities and Impact on Productivity

Funding Partner - Oxford University
Principal Researchers - Dr Anandi Mani, Oxford University, Dr Sandip Mitra, ISI-Kolkata

This project aims to measure gender differences in mental load triggered by everyday situations or challenges involving home and work life, and quantify their impact on work productivity...

Rapid Needs Assessment on Gender Integration in Bihar Rural Livelihood Promotion Society (BRLPS- JEEViKA)

Funding Partner - Centre for Catalysing Change (C3)
Principal Researchers - Madhuparna Das Joshi, Devaki Singh, Centre for Catalyzing Change (C3) and Divya Hariharan (DAI Research & Advisory Services)

The purpose of this collaboration is to support BRLPS-JEEViKA to lead on delivery of high-quality gender programming and policy initiatives on addressing social barriers using gender transformative approach through visioning exercises, capacity building, and evidence generation.

Risk and religious rituals

Funding Partner - Aix-Marseille School of Economics
Principal Researchers

In this project, we investigate the relationship between different types of risk and religious rituals in the Hindu context. We collect in-depth data on...

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