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Social and Political Networks in Indian Slums

Funding Partner -  Louisiana State University
Principal Researchers - Emily Rains

This project seeks to understand the vast range of policy needs across urban slums as well as the different social and political strategies slum residents employ to address these needs.

Reaching Smallholder women with information services and Resilience Strategies to respond to climate change

Funding Partner - IFFPRI
Principal Researchers - Claudia Ringler

Climate change is already affecting the livelihoods of small farmers around the globe, particularly in marginal environments where farmers lack resources to address the climate challenges they face.... 

Baseline survey among public sector health facilities and health care providers to understand availability and use of medical oxygen therapy in Chhattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh and Punjab

Funding Partner - Clinton Health Access Initiative (CHAI)
Principal Researchers

Clinton Health Access Initiative (CHAI) is a health organization committed to saving lives and reducing the burden of disease while strengthening and sustaining high-quality health systems. CHAI aims to achieve equitable, sustainable oxygen access by supporting the governments of.... 

Debiasing Law Enforcement Officers: Evidence from an Expressive Arts Intervention in India

Funding Partner - J-PAL's Gender and Economic Agency (GEA) and J-PAL’S The Crime and Violence Initiative (CVI)
Principal Researchers - Dr Nishith Prakash, Associate Professor (University of Connecticut); Dr Sofia Amaral, Economist (ifo Institute); Dr Micaela Sviatschi, Assistant Professor (Princeton University); and Dr Girija Borker, Economist (The World Bank)

Preventing gender-based violence (GBV) and addressing institutional service delivery of GBV in weak states, is an essential component to encouraging women's mobility, entry into the labor market, human capital accumulation, and ensuring safety and access to justice for women and girls...

The impact of remote peer-to-peer sharing of local knowledge on effective parental engagement through a randomized trial in the state of Delhi

Funding Partner - Glasgow University
Principal Researchers - Theodore Koutmeridis (PI), Sayantan Ghosal, Michele Schweisfurth, Sanchari Roy, Patricio Dalton, Seemanti Ghosh

The project aims to study the impact of an intervention in the form of a remote, peer-to-peer support strategy for parents to assist primary school pupil learning, particularly focussing on the use of local knowledge.

Empowering Entrepreneurs: Experimental Evidence from a Personal Initiative Intervention in India

Funding Partner - World Bank
Principal Researchers - Sofia Amaral (Economist - The World Bank), Isis Gaddis (Senior Economist - The World Bank), Alreena Pinto (Rural Development Specialist - The World Bank), Jayathi Sethi (Social Development Specialist - The World Bank), Raisa Sherif, Senior Research Fellow, Max Planck Society

This is a research initiative of the World Bank-South Asia Region Gender Innovation Lab (SARGIL)/Vazhndhu Kattuvom Project (VKP) with the primary objective to conduct a survey in Tamil Nadu...

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