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Empowering Entrepreneurs: Experimental Evidence from a Personal Initiative Intervention in India

Status : 

This is a research initiative of the World Bank-South Asia Region Gender Innovation Lab (SARGIL)/Vazhndhu Kattuvom Project (VKP) with the primary objective to conduct a survey in Tamil Nadu focusing on understanding the activities and experiences of rural entrepreneurs.

Skill development programme in the form of Training programme is the key awareness being established as the baseline of the project.  This will lead us to a comprehensive understanding of the requirement and ability of rural entrepreneurship

Funding Partner 
World Bank

Principal Researcher 

Sofia Amaral (Economist - The World Bank),

Associated Investigators 
Isis Gaddis (Senior Economist - The World Bank), Alreena Pinto (Rural Development Specialist - The World Bank), Jayathi Sethi (Social Development Specialist - The World Bank), Raisa Sherif, Senior Research Fellow, Max Planck Society

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