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Program Design to Empower Children - Impact Evaluation of Life Skills and Financial Education Program in Maharashtra, India

Status : 

This study assesses the impact of school-based social-financial education
programs on 6th-grade students’ confidence, aspirations, financial competencies, and other life skills. In particular, it examines whether increasing program intensity by including educational seminars for parents in the program will enhance program effectiveness. Further,as a part of baseline and end-line assessment, the study will examine whether children’s confidence and aspiration are inhibited by their gender and caste status.

The Project will be implemented in 3 blocks in Palghar District - Wada, Vikramgad and Jawhar and currently the baseline is in process. In the baseline and end line data collection, survey of randomly selected students from the participants is to be done. From participants at 90 identified schools, an average 30 students per school, for a total of 2,700 students, will be interviewed. Survey respondents will be chosen from a sub-group of participants between 11 to 13 years old that are close to the 6th-grade standard.

The baseline survey includes some essential items on students’ socio-economic background and some of the outcome measures. The self-reported surveys conducted for the baseline and end-line surveys will gather data on the following skills and competencies: confidence, future
aspiration, financial competencies, and life skills. The baseline interviews will take 30 minutes and the endline interviews will take about 60 minutes.

Funding Partner 
Echidna Giving, Aflatoun International

Principal Researchers 
Tomohisa Miyamoto

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