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Taxpayers Compliance Survey – Bihar and New Delhi March 2024

Status : 

The state and central GST taxes in India impact people in various ways, including influencing the prices of goods and services, consumer behavior, and how businesses operate. These taxes affect household budgets and spending patterns, making it important to study these impacts to ensure the tax system is fair and efficient. By understanding these effects, policymakers can create better tax policies that promote economic growth, social equity, and regional balance, ultimately improving the tax preparers experience and compliance.

Our research involves conducting a telephonic survey with the primary goal of understanding the challenges tax preparers face while filing returns. This study conducted phone surveys, with participants each from Bihar and Delhi. The results of this study, along with policy recommendations based on our findings, will be shared with the Bihar and Delhi Departments of Revenue to enhance the tax preparers experience in India. This survey and the subsequent analysis aim to identify specific difficulties tax preparers encounter, providing a basis for improvements in the tax filing process.

Funding Partner 
Ashoka University

Principal Researchers
Bhanu Mehta, Keshav Choudhary

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